We, Madhan packaging machineries, established in 1995, are developers of high speed and compact pouch making machinery. Our reputation in manufacturing high speed and quality machinery is well known. We have installed more than 800 machines across India and other countries.

We are known for manufacturing machines which are reliable, high in precision and quality, with the added advantage of a user friendly interface. The interface is programmed such that it allows the user to interact with the machines in their native tongue.


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Our machineries are considered indispensable in the packing industry, as we are one of the leading manufacturers of

  • Stand up zipper pouch making machine
  • Center side and three side seal pouch making machine
  • Side seal bag making machine
  • Bottom seal bag making machine
  • Vest type bag making machine
  • PVC shrink sleeve tubing machine
  • PVC shrink sleeve cutting machine
  • Twist side guesting machine
  • 2 Track bottom seal bag making machine
  • Higher thickness bottom seal bag making machine (Grow bag)
  • Bottom seal perforation pre-open bag making machine
  • 6 Line bottom seal bag making machine

Our company is made up of an excellent team of skilled workers. We have 6000 sq.ft of space, with a complete in-house setup required for fast production of machinery. We provide great after sales service which has made our customers happy.

We are always one step ahead in adopting new technology, making us adept at manufacturing better machines today when compared to yesterday.


ISO 9001:2015
Certificate Number : SCK/01/MPM/23/91/3161

Madhan Packaging Machineries
Madhan Packaging Machineries
Madhan Packaging Machineries